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Fellow Geoscientists:

So here we go again! It looks like 2015 is going to be one of those years where the price of oil takes us on another wild roller coaster ride. We have certainly seen some serious downward pressure on oil prices since the end of 2014...and continuing in early 2015. But if like the middle 1980's, or the late 1990's, or the most recent 2007-2009 period where a steep drop was eventually followed by an strong increase, then our current price decline should only be for a season. Let's hope so!

Does your membership and participation in AAPG, and specifically, then Mid-Continent Section of the AAPG (MCS-AAPG), have any relevance to this commodity price chaos?

It may, but it's your choice!

In simple terms, the stated purpose of the MCS-AAPG is to advance the scientific and educational aspects of geology while developing and sharing ideas and information throughout the scientific community. More broadly, it is to help you create a broader community of professional geologists with whom you can advance both your knowledge of and career within the field of petroleum geology.

Are you taking full advantage of the opportunity the MCS-AAPG is offering you? Sometimes, it takes a little crisis for us to start doing something differently. Maybe the current oil price collapse can serve as a motivator for each of us to do a little better at continuing to learn more about our chosen scientific field, and a little better at interacting with our fellow geoscientists. If so, then come on in...don't be shy!

The MCS-AAPG is putting together an excellent new Section Meeting for 2015 located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You should plan on attending! Or even better, if you can help be involved in the preparation for the meeting, do that too! Click on the "Section Meetings" tab above for more details. Not only will you learn more about our science and it's application to finding oil and gas, but you will meet people who are highly motivated and engaged in our profession. People you will want to know throughout your career. And this meeting will give you special opportunities to accomplish both of these objectives!

The Art Of Discovery!
It is the theme of the meeting.
It can be the theme of your reason to attend.
It can be the theme of your entire career.
It is up to you!

Don Burdick
President of the Mid-Continent Section Council, AAPG, 2013-2015