The Second Biennial Field Conference of the AAPG Mid-Continent Section

Hosted by the Ardmore Geological Society

Exploring the Arbuckles: Outcrops to Resources
October 17-19, 2014

One and a Half Days of Varied & Fascinating Geology!

You're Invited!

On behalf of the Ardmore Geological Society, I encourage you to participate in this fall's biennial AAPG Mid-Continent Field Conference. A big part of the appeal of this great opportunity is that registration is limited to 125 participants. This will ensure a real hands-on experience on the outcrop. But it also means you shouldn't delay! Register today by clicking on the green button on the right.

Our conference will provide a unique opportunity to learn the history of the Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen; rifting, sedimentation and inversion. These processes have created the opportunity to visit in outcrop the hydrocarbon-producing formations of southern Oklahoma, the historically conventional reservoirs as well as the unconventional reservoirs responsible for the current surge in drilling activity in the area. There will be something for everyone: complex structural examples as well as stratigraphy. This is not going to be a highway road cut geological tour. Most of the outcrops we will visit are on private land or in quarries not accessible to the "casual observer." Exposures visited will be explained by authoritative scientists fully covering their geological significance.

Come early for the annual AGS golf tournament and by all means bring a guest. This promises to be a great opportunity for learning, sharing, and networking with kindred earth scientists—and a whole lot of fun too.

Please join us.

Tom Olsen
Conference General Chair

Guests Welcome!

While professionals and students take in the spectacular field component of the conference during the day, their guests will enjoy all that it is unique about Ardmore and its environs: Café Alley, historic downtown,and of course the beautiful Arbuckle Mountains. Guest registration will include the Icebreaker and Saturday dinner too.

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