Fourth Biennial Field Conference of the AAPG Mid-Continent Section

Hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Natural Resources Conservation and Survey Division, and the Nebraska Geological Society

Thank you to the following sponsors!

  • H.W. “Dub” Peace, II & EXAD
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Join us in Lincoln, Nebraska October 12-14!

On behalf of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Conservation and Survey Division; the Nebraska Geological Society thanks you for attending the Fourth Biennial Field Conference of the AAPG Mid-Continent Section!

We enjoyed an excellent symposium, the empowering film “Rock Stars: Women in Petroleum Geology”, a great field trip, a terrific keynote, and an incredible core workshop.

The Field trip, saw participants traveling through southeast Nebraska with Drs. Christopher Fielding and R.M. “Matt” Joeckel to examine a series of Pennsylvanian exposures, comprising thick fluvial and estuarine sandstones overlain by thin-bedded sandstones-mudrocks that are incised into the limestone-mudrock cycles typical of the latest Pennsylvanian (Virgilian) succession of SE Nebraska. Check out the field trip photo gallery in “The Field Experience” tab!

Finally, it’s not too early to plan on attending the 2020 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Field Conference in the great Ozarks! The Conference is tentatively scheduled for October 9-11, 2020.

Best regards,


-Doug Hallum,
The Nebraska Geological Society

Conference Planning & Logistics

Doug Hallum, General Logistics and Planning
UNL School of Natural Resources, Conservation and Survey Division

Jacki Loomis, Registrations
UNL School of Natural Resources

Dan Blankenau, Sponsorship and Exhibits
Great Plains Energy, Inc.

Robert “Bob” Gjere, Planning and Volunteer Coordination

Theodore “Ted” Huscher, Advisor
Nebraska Geological Society President

Conference Program

Dr. Chris Fielding, Convenor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. R.M. “Matt” Joeckel, Convenor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska State Geologist

AAPG Mid-Continent Section President Doug Davis (left) with Drs. Joeckel (center) and Fielding (right) at Indian Cave State Park.