AAPG MidContinent Section Biennial Field Conference 2018

“New Insights into Carboniferous Cyclothems”

Cornhusker Marriott Hotel, Lincoln, NE, October 12-14th, 2018

General session, Friday

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Organizing Committee – Opening Remarks

Fielding, C.R. & Joeckel, R.M. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Cyclothems: An Introduction.

Milad, B. & Slatt, R. (University of Oklahoma) Outcrop to subsurface reservoir characterization of the Mississippian play in the SCOOP area.

Pulham, A. (Earth Science Associates C & T, Inc.) Late Carboniferous cyclothems in the Clare Basin, western Ireland: their stratigraphic architecture and implication for resolution of glacio-eustasy.

Kerr, D.R. (University of Tulsa) Boggy Formation sequence stratigraphy across the Cherokee Platform and Arkoma Basin of Oklahoma.

Yang, W. (Wichita State University) Transgressive shoreface erosion, translation, and wave ravinement on an epeiric shelf as recorded by a soil nodule conglomerate-arenite in the upper Pennsylvanian Oread cyclothem, SE Kansas and NE Oklahoma.

Ahern, J.P. & Fielding, C.R. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Late Mississippian cyclothems from the western USA, and their role in constraining the onset of the late Paleozoic Ice Age.

Bynum, J. (Oklahoma State University) Sequence stratigraphic controls on Lower to Middle Carboniferous siliciclastic deposition in the “STACK” play. North-central Oklahoma, USA.

Webb, N.D., Fielding, C.R. & Best, J.L. (Illinois State Geological Survey) Fluvio-tidal incised valley deposits of the Pennsylvanian Caseyville Formation, Illinois.

Enos, P., Ortega-Ariza, D. & Fairchild, J.M. (University of Kansas) Time for shales to come in from the cold? A Midcontinent example.

Fielding, C.R. & Joeckel, R.M. Introduction to the Field Excursion

Sunday, Introduction

Fielding, C.R. & Joeckel, R.M. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) An introduction to the core workshop.

Scientific Posters

Hallum, D.R. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Geology of a deep test hole in southwest Nebraska.

Core workshop

Ludvigson, G.A., Joeckel, R.M., Doveton, J. & Mandel, R.D. (Kansas Geological Survey) The KGS Gaydusek #1 core in Washington County, Kansas: a record of the mid-Cretaceous OQE1d and OAE2 in Albian-Turonian strata.

Clark, R.J., Witzke, B.J. & Pope, J.P. (Iowa Geological Survey) The Riverton core – Iowa’s most complete Pennsylvanian section.

Ahern, J.P., Fielding, C.R., & Bottjer, R.J. (UNL/Coal Creek Resources) The Rock Happy core from the Big Snowy Trough, Montana: late Mississippian cyclothems and an unconventional petroleum play.

Joeckel, R.M. & Fielding, C.R. (UNL) CSD Indian Cave State Park-1, a new core through the Indian Cave Sandstone interval of the uppermost Pennsylvanian (Virgilian).

Webb, N.D., Best, J.L. & Fielding, C.R. (Illinois State Geological Survey) Fluvio-tidal incised valley deposits of the Pennsylvanian Caseyville Formation, Illinois – examples from core.

Doveton, J.H. (Kansas Geological Survey) “Paper cores”: electrical borehole image logs of the Oread Limestone from southern Kansas.