The Field Experience

On this excursion, participants will spend the day with Drs. Fielding and Joeckel traveling by motor coach through southeast Nebraska to examine a series of Pennsylvanian Subperiod exposures, comprising thick fluvial and estuarine sandstones overlain by thin-bedded sandstones-mudrocks that are incised into the limestone-mudrock cycles typical of the latest Pennsylvanian (Virgilian) succession of SE Nebraska. Participants will gain an appreciation for the diagnosis of sedimentary environments in these strata, their stacking patterns, and their capacity to act as reservoirs of natural fluids. The succession in question (Indian Cave Sandstone) is a producing oil reservoir horizon in southern Kansas. Participants will have opportunity to ask and discuss questions relating to the regions, and also learn about the morphology along the route, the morphological relationships to the glacial and geological history, and the unique hydrogeology of the region.