It comes as no surprise that in the six years since the AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting, Resources for the Generations, was held in Tulsa, our industry has seen many changes. In 2009 industry, having witnessed the collapse in natural gas prices, was beginning to focus exploration on tight liquid rich reservoir candidates for horizontal drilling. Today we witness once again our ingenuity and efforts have resulted in onshore US production soaring to unimagined levels and we sit at the forefront of reshaping the geo-landscape of global production, securing and stabilizing global production in our own so-to-speak North American backyard.

Over this same period The Great Crew Change predicted over a 20 ago is now in full swing. Geology programs at universities have swelled and curriculum enhancements aimed at building the new skill sets required are in place. Our ranks are filling with young professionals entering industry during a technological revolution. With the modern technological advancements and experience senior mentorship brings, the new talent is positioned to continue to positively impact the world and carry on the legacy of the giants upon whose shoulders we all stand. The 2015 AAPG Mid-Continent Section of the AAPG lands in Tulsa again this October. As the meeting began taking shape the Steering Committee, chaired by both young and seasoned professionals, decided right away we wanted the meeting to capture the revolutionary developments our industry has witnessed, their impact on industry in the Mid-Continent, and how the work continues to build on the foundational skillset geologists have used successfully for over 100 years. We also wanted attendees to experience the rejuvenation Tulsa’s downtown has experienced in recent years. The City of Tulsa has a deep commitment to the arts and sciences. The Brady Arts District, the new cultural hub of the region, will be featured prominently in the meeting events.

The Tulsa Geological Society, the supporting societies and foundations Mid-Continent Section of the AAPG invite to you take part in the 2015 Mid-Continent Meeting: The Art of Discovery, October 4-6 at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Tulsa. The meeting is certain to spark your imagination, introduce new ideas by highlighting the meaningful work the brightest minds in our industry are doing, the hi-tech tools our service industry provides and help forge the relationships necessary to be successful as we write the story of our industry’s future together. Please join us.

Shane E. Matson, General Chair

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