Short Course 6

Introduction To Black Shale Petrophysics

Instructor: Mike Miller, Cimarex Energy
Date: Sunday, October 4, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Fee: $120 for professionals or $20 for students
Limit: 60 participants maximum (student spots are limited)
Includes: Lunch, refreshments, & course notes will be provided

The course will review the major factors involved in developing a petrophysical model for black shales. Intelligently constructed log models based on geologic knowledge and known logging tool responses can deliver the answers we need to make appropriate investment decisions. Log models are necessary as no logging tool measures what we really want to know, but the tools do respond to the rocks and fluids in fairly straightforward and predictable ways.

An example workflow will be presented including log quality control, model building/core calibration and hydrocarbon in place estimates. Topics covered will include: Shale core analysis (GRI, SRP, TRA), Vshale/Vclay, organics & pyrite, matrix mineralogy, porosity, saturation and geomechanics. There will also be hands-on exercises for log quality control, quick look log scans, Vshale and DeltaLogR.

Mike Miller, PhD is the Manager of Exploration Technology and the Chief Petrophysicist for Cimarex Energy. He was a student and instructor in the Amoco Petrophysics Program and the Senior Petrophysical Advisor for Unconventional Resources at BP prior to his current position.