AAPG Division of Professional Affairs Luncheon

There IS Blood: War in the Osage

Speaker: Charles Wickstrom
Date: Tuesday, Oct 6, 11:45 AM-1:50 PM, Salon D
Fee: $45 per person
Limit: 70 people

Charles W. Wickstrom is a forty-year veteran of the oil and gas industry. As past US exploration manager for multinational independents, he has worked all of the major basins in the United States and the Western Sedimentary Basin of Canada.

Early in his career, thanks to the mentoring by Charles W. Oliphant, he became an expert in seismic stratigraphy and an oil finder in Osage County, OK. Today the Osage Minerals Estate in under attack by the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management, disguising itself as the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Federal government is attacking the oil and gas industry through "strangulation by regulation." Mr. Wickstrom's talk details this process in the microcosm of Osage County.