Monday Afternoon Oral Presentations

(senior author in parentheses after title)

Session #1: Mid-Continent Petroleum Plays II: Increasing Productivity

Session Chairs: Bill Coffey (Devon Energy), Dr. Roger Slatt (University of Oklahoma)

Opening Remarks

Talk #1: Sediment transport during late Devonian Woodford deposition in Oklahoma and its influence on drilling, completions, and production (Dr. Erik Kvale)

Talk #2: A case history of the East Hardy Unit, Mississippian Highway 60 trend, Osage County, Oklahoma (Ronald Snyder)

Talk #3: Using carbonate mudrock pore architecture to provide insight and predictability to porosity and permeability trends in the Mid-Continent Mississippian Limestone (Beth Vanden Berg)


Talk #4: Pore size distribution on original gas in place calculations, a Woodford Shale case study (Dr. Xingru Wu)

Talk #5: Comparison of hydraulic stimulation methods of coals and carbonaceous shales in the Cherokee Basin (Dr. Steven Tedesco)

Talk #6: Analysis of best practices for reservoir targeting, stimulation techniques and production characteristics in the Northern Oklahoma Mississippian play (Tore Wiksveen)

Session #2: Clastic Reservoirs of the Mid-Continent II

Session Chairs: Greg Augsberger (Citizen Energy LLC), John Mitchell (Fall River Exploration LLC)

Opening Remarks

Talk #1: Influence of provenance and sediment supply on sandstone composition and depositional styles: Pennsylvanian upper Morrowan and Cherokee, Oklahoma (Dr. James Puckette)

Talk #2: Revisiting vertically producing fields For horizontal exploitation: A case study of the Atokan Tussy sandstone in the western Anadarko Basin (Kelsey Putman Hughes)

Talk #3: The relationship between specific reservoir characteristics and the gas productive coals and carbonaceous mudstones in the Cherokee Basin (Dr. Steven Tedesco)


Talk #4: Permeability anisotropy related to braided fluvial facies architectural elements in the Pennsylvanian Middle Boggy formation, McIntosh County, Oklahoma (Mingyu Yang)

Talk #5: Reservoir characterization of the Pennsylvanian Cleveland sandstone, Cleveland field unit, northeastern Oklahoma (Curtis Roddy)

Session #3: Innovations and Geologic Techniques Applied to Drilling and Production

Session Chairs: Matt Skinner (General Electric); Lacie Knight (Southwestern Energy)

Opening Remarks

Talk #1: Integration of geosteering and drilling data for well placement efficiency in the SCOOP horizontal Woodford play (Shannon Lemke)

Talk #2: Cold War geology: lessons from nuclear fracture stimulation (Dr. Neil Suneson)

Talk #3: Methods to minimize water production in the Mississippian Lime play (Charlie Smith)


Talk #4: Type log selection and preparation for a more accurate geosteering model (Aaron Laubhan)

Talk #5: Recovering subsurface coverage in the emerging Smackover Brown Dense unconventional play in northern Louisiana (Walt Ritchie)

Talk #6: Helium purification & marketing; IACX Otis facility case study (Jeremy Jordan)