Monday Morning Oral Presentations

(senior author in parentheses after title)

Session #1: Mid-Continent Petroleum Plays I: Geologic Controls

Session Chairs: Dr. James Puckette (Oklahoma State University), Dr. Peng Li (Arkansas Geological Survey)

Opening Remarks

Talk #1: Sequence stratigraphy of the Woodford Shale present on the southern Cherokee Platform of central Oklahoma: Implications for regional play definitions limited to localized studies (Brenton McCullough)

Talk #2: Composition and mechanical properties of the Woodford Shale, northern Oklahoma (Dr. James Puckette)

Talk #3: Significance of Carboniferous terminated and doubly-terminated quartz crystals, southern Ozarks (Paul Minor)


Talk #4: Potential diagenetic alteration of the Arbuckle Group and its impact to local structure within the Mid-Continent (Kurt Rottman)

Talk #5: Is there a new understanding that explains why the Salina Basin in north-central Kansas is lacking in commercial petroleum production? (Dr. Sambhudas Chaudhuri)

Talk #6: Sequence stratigraphic control on distribution and porosity evolution in cherts in the Mississippian of the Mid-Continent (Buddy Price)

Session #2: Clastic Reservoirs of the Mid-Continent I

Session Chairs: Brad Johnson (Apache Corp.), Amy Close (SM Energy)

Opening Remarks

Talk #1: Stratigraphic principles and nomenclature in the SCOOP play of the eastern Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma (Clayton Davis)

Talk #2: Sequence systems tract mapping in Desmoinesian Granite Wash, western Anadarko Basin: implications for reservoir geometry (Dr. Dennis Kerr)

Talk #3: Distribution of Missourian age Granite Wash reservoirs in Wheeler Co., Texas (Derrell Mathis)


Talk #4: Sandstone reservoirs of Morrowan age at the northern margin of the Arkoma Basin, northwest Arkansas (Fatimah Al_Asadi)

Talk #5: Lithostratigraphy of the Burbank sandstone in western Osage County, Oklahoma (Chris Cunningham)

Talk #6: An integrated study of the Pennsylvanian Tonkawa petroleum system of the western Anadarko Basin (Karl Graham)

Session #3: Geophysical Methods in Petroleum Exploration & Production

Session Chairs: Tom Heinecke (Samson Co.), Steve Roche (Cimarex Energy)

Opening Remarks

Talk #1: A case study in the Pennsylvanian Cleveland sandstone on the Nemaha Ridge: Leveraging high resolution 3D seismic & stratigraphic analysis to create the conditions for a new type of resource play in complex reservoirs (Tony Lupo)

Talk #2: 3D seismic evidence for strike-slip faults in Kansas (Dr. Lynn Watney)

Talk #3: Seismic interpretation of the Arikaree Creek field, Denver Basin, Lincoln County, Colorado: Potential new play type in the Denver Basin (Dr. Steven Tedesco)


Talk #4: Extension of the Mid-Continent Rift System into the southern Mid-Continent region: Possible implications for exploration and natural hazards (Dr. Randy Keller)

Talk #5: Improving continuity of fault images using directional smoothing and edge-enhancement filters (Gabriel Machado)

Talk #6: Microseismic monitoring of hydraulic fracturing: optimizing performacne and mitigating risk (Peter Duncan)