Monday Morning Poster Presentations

(senior author in parentheses after title)

Mid-Continent Petroleum Plays: Increasing Productivity, Clastic Reservoirs of the Mid-Continent, Innovations & Geologic Techniques Applied to Drilling & Production

Outcrop-Derived Stratigraphy, Structure, and Characterization of an Unusual Woodford Stratigraphic Section, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma (Caleb Bontempi)

Geological Evaluation of Natural Gas Sandstone in the Snyderville Shale Member, Oread Limestone Formation, Medicine Lodge-Boggs Field, Barber County, Kansas (Keithan Martin)

Subsurface Analysis of Tripolitic Chert In Northwest Arkansas (Thomas Liner)

Core-Calibrated Stratigraphic Architecture and Facies Distribution of the Colony Granite Wash, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma (Cordelia Holmes)

The Art of Geosteering in the Cleveland Sand: Discovering New Methods for Data Integration and Interpretation Using Gamma Ray and Scatter Graphs with examples from the Texas Panhandle (Ian Weems)

Short Junction Field core description and petrophysical analysis of the Hunton Group, Cleveland County, Oklahoma (Tim Hunt)

Permeability Anisotropy Study of the Bluejacket Sandstone at OK-20 Road Cut in Eastern Mayes County, OK (Matthew McCarter)

A geochemical characterization of will cuttings from an oil producing well in the Central Kansas Uplift using metal analysis and magnetic susceptibilities (Andrew Christiano)

3D electrical resistivity tomography survey of historic wells in Osage county, Oklahoma (Karson Bizzell)

Correlation of Seismic Attributes and Mechanical Properties to Rate of Penetration in the Mississippi Lime, OK (Xuan Qi)