Tuesday Afternoon Oral Presentations

(senior author in parentheses after title)

Session #1: Mid-Continent Earthquakes: Induced or Naturally Occurring II

Session Chairs: Dr. Austin Holland (Oklahoma Geological Survey), Scott Ausbrooks (Arkansas Geological Survey)

Opening Remarks

Talk #1: Characterization and classification of discrete clusters of earthquakes from 2008-2015 in north-central Arkansas, natural or induced: Illustrating their influence on the National Seismic Hazard Maps (Scott Ausbrooks)

Talk #2: The earthquake process in Oklahoma (Dr. Robert Herrmann)

Talk #3: Seismicity rates in Oklahoma: A look at the seismicity increase of 2014 (Amberlee Darold)


Talk #4: Streamflow modulation of earthquake swarms in central Oklahoma (Dr. Xiaowei Chen)

Talk #5: Subsurface faults and present-day stresses in southern Kansas: Implications for brine disposal and long-term storage of CO2 (Dr. Tandis Bidgoli)

Talk #6: Spatial analysis of selected earthquake clusters recorded by a dense network of seismic stations around Stillwater, Oklahoma (Tim Sickbert)

Session #2: Petroleum Production in the Southern Mid-Continent

Session Chairs: Dr. John Wagner (Southern Methodist University), Tara Benda (Samson Co.)

Opening Remarks

Talk #1: A structural re-evaluation of the Ardmore Basin (Molly Simpson)

Talk #2: A palinspastic restoration of southern Oklahoma: A necessary framework for regional pre-deformation structural, depositional and diagenetic studies (Jerry McCaskill)

Talk #3: Some observations on Simpson Group production in the Eola-Robberson field, Garvin County, Oklahoma (Jerry McCaskill)


Talk #4: Art of discovery: importance of modern logs and accurate mudlogs: An example of a new field discovery (Paul Smith)

Talk #5: Understanding reservoir complexity and heterogeneity: Unique aspects of developing core and cuttings based chemostratigraphic & lithologic facies (Austin Morrell)

Special Session: The Business of Oil & Gas

Session Chairs: Don Burdick (Panther Energy II) and Charles Wickstrom (Iron Hawk)

Session Summary
Whether you are early on your professional path, or are a seasoned veteran, the "Business of Oil and Gas" session is designed to offer value at every stage of your career. You will hear unique perspectives from geoscientists who have started companies and led organizations through good times and bad. You will also hear from three private equity providers who are dedicated to identifying and funding oil and gas business team. The panel discussion format is structured to provide you highly useful information in a short amount of time, combined with an opportunity for your direct questions to our presenters. If you have an interest in adding a strong business knowledge to your existing technical knowledge base, this is a session you do not want to miss!

Opening Remarks (Don Burdick)

Panel Discussion #1:Creating The Workplace (Patric McConn, Michael Oestmann)

Panel Discussion #2: Funding The Enterprise (Ganesh Betanabhatla, Greg Davis, Michael Stolze)


Panel Discussion #3: Economics & Innovation – Managing The Risk (Mike Evans, George Grunau, David Trumbo)