Tuesday Afternoon Poster Presentations

(senior author in parentheses after title)

Exploration and Production in Mississippian Age Reservoirs, Mid-Continent Earthquakes: Induced or Naturally Occurring, Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration in the Mid-Continent

Reservoir-scale stratigraphy, sedimentology, and porosity characteristics of Mississippian reservoirs, northeastern Anadarko Shelf, Oklahoma. Colton Birch*, Matthew Pranter

Geologically Constrained Seismic Characterization and 3-D Reservoir Modeling of Mississippian Reservoirs, north-central Anadarko Shelf, Oklahoma. Katherine Lindzey*, Matthew Pranter, Kurt Marfurt

Windowed radiometrics attributes associated with vertical hydrocarbon microseepage. Robert Olson*, Fnu Suriamin, Matthew Pranter

Integrating Standard Petrophysical Analysis with Statistical Measures of Petrophysical Heterogeneity to Estimate Petrofacies in Mississippian Carbonates, North-Central Oklahoma. Fnu Suriamin*, Pranter Matthew

Examining methods for oil-source rock correlations: A study of inorganic biomarkers and their use in south-central Kansas, spivey-grabs-basil oil field in Kingman and Harper counties. Meagan Wall*, Matthew Totten, Sambhudas Chaudhuri

TOC and Brittleness characterization on Barnett and Woodford Shale. Sumit Verma*, Deepak Devegowda, Tao Zhao, Kurt Marfurt

Early Mississippian St. Joe Group in northeastern Oklahoma to southwestern Missouri: Isotope chemostratigraphy. Julia Sessions*

Microseimic tool utilization in helping characterize the woodford shale, north Oklahoma. Jing Zhang*, Roger Slatt

Elemental and chemostratigraphic characterization of a Mississippian core interval from south central Kansas. Hendratta Ali*, Arvin Cruz

Lithofacies characterization of oil producing intervals in the upper Mississippian and Cherokee group in the oppliger and harkness oil fields in Ness county, Kansas. Casey Langdon*, Hendratta Ali

Fracture Characterization and Prediction in Unconventional Carbonates ‚"Mississippian Limestone", Central and Northeastern Oklahoma. Taylor Thompson*, Michael Grammer

Characterizing a Mississippian carbonate reservoir for CO2-EOR and carbon sequestration: applicability of existing rock physics models and implications to feasibility of time lapse monitoring programs in the Wellington Oil Field, Sumner County Kansas. Anthony Lueck*, Abdelmoneam Raef