Tuesday Morning Oral Presentations

(senior author in parentheses after title)

Session #1: Exploration and Production in Mississippian Age Reservoirs

Session Chairs: Dr. Salvatore Mazzullo (Wichita State University), Brian Wilhite (Woosley Operating Co.)

Opening Remarks

Talk #1: New insights into lithostratigraphic architecture of subsurface Lower to Middle Mississippian petroliferous strata in southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma (Dr. Sal Mazzulo)

Talk #2: Mississippian paleo-depositional maps: A reflection of sequence stratigraphy and associated facies mosaics in the Mid-Continent (Miranda Childress)

Talk #3: Multidisciplinary characterization and modeling of Mississippian carbonate and silica-rich reservoirs, northern Oklahoma (Dr. Matthew Pranter)


Talk #4: Type Mayes Group of northeastern Oklahoma: Conodont biostratigraphy and revised stratigraphic framework (Cory Goodwin)

Talk #5: Geometry and distribution of depositional cycles in the Mississippian limestone, north-central Oklahoma (Dr. James Puckette)

Talk #6: Speculation or 'spiculation': Challenging the prevailing paradigms of secondary porosity development in the Mississippi Lime play (Isabelle Kelley)

Session #2: Mid-Continent Earthquakes: Induced or Naturally Occurring I

Session Chairs: Dr. Austin Holland (Oklahoma Geological Survey), Scott Ausbrooks (Arkansas Geological Survey)

Opening Remarks

Talk #1: Oklahoma earthquake maps (Dr. Edith Wilson)

Talk #2: Structural characterization of the Wilzetta Fault Zone: Lincoln, Pottawatomie, and Creek Counties, Oklahoma (Dr. Bryan Tapp)

Talk #3: Structure and Kinematics of the Keokuk Fault Zone in East-Central Oklahoma (Dr. Bryan Tapp)


Talk #4: Operational earthquake forecasting for evaluating seismicity (Dr. Austin Holland)

Talk #5: Oklahoma's recent earthquakes and saltwater disposal (Rall Walsh)

Talk #6: Modeling potential scenarios for induced seismicity in the Arbuckle Group saline aquifer in southern Kansas (Yevhen Holubnyak)

Session #3: Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration in the Mid-Continent

Session Chairs: Wally Dow (University of Tulsa); Dr. Paul Philp (University of Oklahoma)

Opening Remarks

Talk #1: Surprise production from the Lansing Kansas City formation in Cimarex Energy Mendota Ranch field wells, Hemphill County, Texas (Wally Dow)

Talk #2: Pennsylvanian source rocks in the Anadarko Basin: An example from the Missourian series Hogshooter formation in Mills Ranch field, Texas & Oklahoma (Vincent Nowaczewski)

Talk #3: Evaluating petroleum character and charge from different source-rock lithologies in the Woodford Shale and Caney Shale with hydrous pyrolysis (Vincent Nowaczewski)


Talk #4: Geochemistry's contribution to Devon's understanding of the Miss Frank play (Robert Olson)

Talk #5: A new look at the organic geochemical variability in the Woodford Shale of the Ardmore Basin: paleoweathering and organic matter source (Clifford DeGarmo)

Talk #6: Evaluating the temporal changes of the Woodford Shale paleoenvironment via amalgamation of organic geochemistry and sequence stratigraphy (Greg Connock)