Digital Borehole Geology

John H. Doveton


The wealth of information on geology given by routinely-run logs can be seen from visual inspection of log curve overlays. However, the increasing availability of LAS digital log data has moved geological analysis to an expanded and quantitative level. In this short course we will review methods that apply free software to many examples from the Kansas subsurface. Mineral composition, carbonate textures, and clay mineralogy from standard nuclear logs will be augmented by NMR pore-size distributions and image analysis from FMI logs.

Short Bio

Dr. John Doveton received his MA degree from Oxford and PhD from Edinburgh University, both in geology. Following work as an exploration geologist for Mobil Oil Canada, he joined the Kansas Geological Survey where he is now an Emeritus Senior Scientist. He has taught petrophysics courses since 1975 as an Adjunct Professor in Geology and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Kansas, as well as short courses in industry across the world.