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Monday Morning/Afternoon: "Petrophysics, Diagenesis, and Chemostratigraphy of Mid-Continent Plays"
Chairs: Karin Goldberg, Kansas State University and Franek Hasiuk, Kansas Geological Survey
8:50 Introduction/Opening Remarks    
9:00 John H. Doveton Think Deep: The Science of Petrophysics Petrophysics
9:30 Karin Goldberg Automatic Interpretation of the Depositional Conditions in Black Shales: Application to the Chattanooga Formation in Kansas Petrophysics
9:50 Benmadi Milad Applications of Machine Learning Techniques in Geology: Facies Classification and Clustering Methods. The Sycamore/Meramec, Woodford Shale, and Hunton Group examples Petrophysics
10:10 Break    
10:30 Greg A. Ludvigson Record of the Middle Cenomanian Event from the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway (WIS) in Kansas Petrophysics
10:50 Franciszek Hasiuk Insights into Meteoric Diagenesis in Microporous Limestones from Stable Carbon Isotopes Petrophysics
11:10 Misagh Esmaeilpour Effect of Scale on Porosity and Permeability in Homogeneous Porous Media: A Pore-Network Modeling Study Petrophysics
11:30 Lunch    
1:30 Cory Terrell Regional Stratigraphy and Diagenetic Characterization of the Mississippian Meramec, Osage, and Sycamore Formations, Anadarko Basin, Central Oklahoma Petrophysics
1:50 Sal J. Mazzulo Porosity Evolution in Lower to Middle Mississippian Petroleum Reservoirs, Kansas and Northern Oklahoma Petrophysics
2:10 Ibukun Bode-Omoleye NMR Characterization of Pore Syetems within Diagenetically Complex Reservoirs: Mississippian-Aged Carbonates (Reno County, Kansas) Petrophysics
2:30 Yulun Wang Testing the Value of Rebound Hardness in Estimating Petrophysical and Rock Mechanical Properties From Core and Well Logs: Examples From the “Miss Lime”/STACK Play and Vaca Muerta Formation Petrophysics
2:50 End    
Monday Morning/Afternoon: "New Stratigraphic and Structural Concepts for Mid-Continent Plays"
Chairs: Anthony Walton, University of Kansas and Tandis Bidgoli, University of Missouri
9:00 Introduction/Opening Remarks    
9:10 Anthony W. Walton Some Thoughts on the Classification of Shales and Other Mudstones Strat/Struc
9:30 Curtis J. Faulkner The Distribution of Marine Phosphate Nodules from Oklahoma’s Pennsylvanian Cyclothems with Implications on the Black Shale Problem and the Phosphate Corridor Strat/Struc
9:50 H.M.D. Agbogun Organic Geochemical Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Generation-Potentials and Paleo-Depositional Environments: Example from the Chad Basin Strat/Struc
10:10 Break    
10:30 Marvin P. Carlson Midcontinent Rift and the Nemaha Uplift – Prospecting “Tectonic” Reservoirs Strat/Struc
10:50 Steven A. Tedesco Comparison of the Wrench Fault Trap Systems of the Livengood and Kizler North Fields, Kansas and the Runamuck Field, Missouri, Forest City Basin Strat/Struc
11:10 Steven A. Tedesco The Arikaree Creek Field, Southern Denver Basin, Colorado – Anomaly or Typical Target in the Area? Strat/Struc
11:30 Lunch    
1:30 Nicholas Counts Biostratigraphic Characterization of a Mississippian Core: Canton SWD#1, Bitikofer field McPherson, Kansas Strat/Struc
1:50 Cody Totten Regional Correlation of Caney-Meramec-Sycamore Formations: Implications for Sediment Delivery and Source-Rock Development Strat/Struc
2:10 Tandis S. Bidgoli Detrital Zircon Geochronology of Upper Mississippian Sandstones in the Midcontinent and Implications for Provenance and Sediment Transport Strat/Struc
2:30 Break    
2:50 Zachary Tunin U-Pb Detrital Zircon Geochronology and Provenance Analysis of Middle Pennsylvanian Cherokee Sandstones, Anadarko Basin and Cherokee Platform, Oklahoma Strat/Struc
3:00 Wei Wang Provenance and Thermal History of the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Arkoma Shelf and Basin, Northwestern Arkansas, through Detrital Zircon U-Pb and (U-Th)/He Double Dating Strat/Struc
3:20 End    
Monday Afternoon: "CO2 Utilization and Storage in Mid-Continent Reservoirs"
Chair: Tiraz Birdie, TBirdie Consulting
1:20 Introduction/Opening Remarks    
1:30 Tiraz Birdie Carbon Management – Opportunities for Petroleum Geologists CCUS
1:50 Nathan D. Webb Screening and Characterizing Residual Oil Zones for CO2-EOR and Storage in a Variety of Geologic Settings; Illinois Basin Examples CCUS
2:10 George Tsoflias Mississippian CO2 EOR Validates Seismic Prediction of Reservoir Properties CCUS
2:30 Break    
2:50 Valerie Smith Carbon Storage and the Characterization of the Lansing-Kansas City Group through Cores and Logs CCUS
3:10 Esmail Ansari Estimates of Permeability and Storage Capacity for the CO2 Storage Hub Complex at Patterson Field, Western Kansas, USA CCUS
3:30 Jenny Meng Evaluating Seal Integrity for CO2 Storage Complex at Patterson Field, Southwest Kansas CCUS
3:50 End    
Monday Afternoon: Special Session: "The Future Now: Energy and Minerals in the 2020’s"
Chairs: Shane Matson and/or Douglas Davis
3:00 Edith Wilson Exploring New Energy Frontiers Special Session
3:20 Chris Carson ? Special Session
3:40 Mike Kuykendall ? Special Session
4:00 Bill Coffee ? Special Session
4:20 Clayton Davis ? Special Session
4:40 Panel Discussion   Special Session
5:00 End   Special Session
Tuesday Morning: "Advancing Mature Plays Through New Technologies"
Chair: Sal Mazzullo, Wichita State University
9:00 Introduction/Opening Remarks    
9:10 Charlie Smith Horizontal Reservoir Value Increased by Enhanced Geological Knowledge Mature Plays
9:30 Steven A. Tedesco Application of Surface Geochemical Survey with Aeromagnetic, Subsurface Geology and Seismic Data in Exploration for Conventional Reservoirs Mature Plays
9:50 Geoffrey Thyne Does the Salinity of Injection Water Matter? Mature Plays
10:10 End    
Tuesday Afternoon: "Mid-Continent Shale Plays: Woodford, SCOOP/STACK and Beyond"
Chair: James Puckette, Oklahoma State University
1:20 Introduction/Opening Remarks    
1:30 Ray Soreson Shales that Burn Shale Plays
1:50 Oyeleye O. Adeboye On Organic Matter Enrichment in the Mississippian Limestone of the Anadarko Shelf of Oklahoma Shale Plays
2:10 Carl Symcox Geochemistry of STACK/SCOOP Production in the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma Shale Plays
2:30 Break    
2:50 Bill Fairhurst Geologic - Reservoir 3D Characterization Modeling used to develop Analytic and Economic Outlook Models of Unconventional Resources, onshore continental United States Shale Plays
3:10 Bill Fairhurst The Perfect Unconventional Resource Portfolio Shale Plays
3:00 End    
Tuesday Morning/Afternoon: "Wastewater, Seismicity, and Other Challenges for Mid-Continent Production"
Chairs: George Tsoflias, University of Kansas and Scott M. Ausbrook, Arkansas Geological Survey
8:50 Introduction/Opening Remarks    
9:10 Jake Walter Elevated Potential for Damaging Earthquakes Across the Mid-Continent Wastewater, Seismicity, Etc.
9:30 Scott M. Ausbrooks Developing Criteria to Characterize and Classify Discrete Clusters of Earthquakes from 2012-2016 in North-Central Arkansas as Natural or Induced Wastewater, Seismicity, Etc.
9:50 Shelby Peterie Regional Trends in Seismicity, Formation Pressure, and Fluid Levels in Kansas Wastewater, Seismicity, Etc.
10:10 Break    
10:30 Keith A. Nolte Monitoring Seismicity near a CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Sequestration Site Wastewater, Seismicity, Etc.
10:50 Brice LaCroix Assessing Fault Reactivation Potential Related to Increased Fluid Pressures within Wellington and Anson-Bates Fields, Sumner County, Kansas Wastewater, Seismicity, Etc.
11:10 Michael Olaniran A Systematic Analysis of Possible Causes of Earthquakes in Central and Eastern United States: Evidence from Seismicity Rate, Strain Rate, Elastic Strain Budget and Frequency-Magnitude Relationship Wastewater, Seismicity, Etc.
11:30 Lunch    
1:30 Brett M. Carpenter Critically Oriented Faults and Fluid Pathways: Ingredients for Induced Seismicity in North-Central Oklahoma Wastewater, Seismicity, Etc.
1:50 Sean Hussey Initial Piezometric Conditions of the Arbuckle Group Wastewater, Seismicity, Etc.
2:10 Gary J. Rowell Injection Wells and Earthquakes: Volume and Pressure or Rate and Geochemistry? Wastewater, Seismicity, Etc.
2:30 End    
Tuesday Afternoon: Special Session: "Black Oil, Red Victory: The Impact of Petroleum on the Eastern Front in World War Two"
Presenter: Dr. Tom Schafer, Fort Hays State University
3:00 Introduction and Presentation    
3:40 Q&A, discussion    
4:00 End    
Tuesday Afternoon: Special Session: "The Use of Drones for Gas/Leak Detection"
Presenter: Dr. Susan Nash, AAPG
3:00 Introduction and Presentation    
3:40 Q&A, discussion    
4:00 End    

Monday Posters

  Stratigraphy & Structure
P1 Toth and Puckette Influence of Structure on Mississippian Paleotopography and Distribution of the Pennsylvanian Red Fork and Lower Skinner Sandstones in Parts of Noble, Pawnee and Osage Counties, Oklahoma
P2 Farr and Kerr Permeability Anisotropy and Meandering Fluvial Facies Architecture of the Bartlesville Sandstone, Nowata County, Oklahoma
P3 Faulkner A New Approach to Geological Surface Mapping for the Missourian and Desmoinesian Sediments in the Tulsa Basin-Cherokee Platform of Eastern Oklahoma: The MADEOS Project
P5 Li and Mills Source Rock characteristics of the Arbuckle-Knox and Elvins Groups in northeastern Arkansas
P6 Clymer et al. Gamma Ray and TOC, Cleveland Member, Ohio Shale Group, Kentucky
P7 Doyle Gulf of Mexico “Dead Zones” as Analogs for Ancient Marine Source Rock Depositional Environments
P8 Hasiuk 3D Printing Kansas Geology: Methods and Models for Increasing Understanding and Engagement with Kansas Geology

Tuesday Posters

P9 Smith et al. Lansing-Kansas City Correlations from Outcrop Belt to Red Willow County, Nebraska
P10 Rijfkogel Incorporating seismic attributes, well-logs, and computer tomography scan for porosity prediction of a 3D seismic survey, Wellington Field, Kansas
P11 Tucci et al. Seismic Processing Workflow for Maximizing Quality Control of 2D and 3D Seismic Data in Ellis County, Kansas
P12 Polun et al. Monitoring injection-induced surface deformation in the US midcontinent with interferometric SAR (InSAR): New methods for assessing induced seismicity
P14 Rinderknecht and Hasiuk Deciphering the paragenesis of the calcite microcrystals that host microporosity in limestone oil reservoirs from highly spatially resolved imaging and geochemistry
P15 Seyedolali et al. Provenance and diagenesis of the Mississippian Meramec STACK rocks in north-central Oklahoma, USA
P16 Orso and Hasiuk New Approaches for Well Cutting Analysis: Rig-Site Water Intrusion Porosimetry (R-SWIP) and Dynamic Particle Size Analysis
P17 Mills Petrographic analysis of diagenetic trends and porosity types in the upper Smackover Formation, southwestern Arkansas